Creative Influences

I have many creative influences that I look at, however two of my favorites are Jenny Saville and Kalliope Amorphous. Both of these artists reference the figure but in separate mediums. Saville uses oil paint while Amorphous uses photography. Their works are highly stylized and extremely original. Each of these artists is into distortion, which is something that I am extremely interested in as well. Oil paint and photography also happen to be my main mediums of choice. I often look to these artists (and others) for inspiration for my own work. Obviously I am still trying to find what exactly works for me, so my work is less refined and still in the skill-set/exploring phase. I am fairly new to the concept of distortion and flesh but it is something that I see myself working towards and expanding upon.

Jenny Saville:

Kalliope Amorphous:  (some of my favorites)



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