My Technical Process

Usually the first step to my technical process starts with me being inspired by some other type of artwork or something that I see that interests me in my day-to-day life. It could be anything from a person to an animal, to even an old building or decorative lamp post. I look to Pinterest a lot, as well as my peers or artists that I find through other people while having conversations about art and what excites us. This then leads to more research on those artists and possibly artists that have work related to them and myself. I also think of concepts based on things I read and see online or in books. I typically mull these things around in my head for a while and then do some sort of drawing to actually get my ideas on paper. Occasionally I write out what I want the viewer to feel or how I want the piece to be interpreted before I actually start drawing things out. However it is not always important to me to actually plan everything out. I sometimes like to create as I go, or even gather materials and work from those after I have developed my concept. After I gather the materials that I need to create my work based on my drawings and/or ideas, I start executing my work. I like to create in large chunks of time as opposed to constantly leaving my work and coming back to it. I feel that these extended periods of time provide me with the opportunity to create better pieces and essentially purge my brain of the bad ideas and allow for a more fluid process.

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