Interview with Tina Tammaro

I recently interviewed one of my painting professors at the University of Cincinnati. Tina is a great inspiration to me. I love the figurative work that she often does, as well as her non-figurative pieces. It is extremely encouraging to listen to her talk about art and the different techniques and process that she uses. When she teaches, she allows you to have your own style while she helps you refine it. Tina has given me confidence and admiration for the medium and figure painting in general.


How long have you had a studio?  

“Since 1994 (a studio in general)”

Why did you get a studio?

“So I can make more work and do bigger work. I live in my studio, which I prefer. I get  more work done that way.”

How do you financially support your artwork? (through sales, salary, grants, etc.)

 “Teaching, giving lectures, doing commissions, selling paintings, grants.”

What are the problems you face in getting your artwork done?

 “It seems to always be a battle of time vs. money.”

What do you do to market yourself as an artist?

 “Work through galleries and art dealers. I’m making a new website. Getting as many shows as I can. Right now I work with social justice issues, so networking through groups that deal with that.”

 What type of person buys your art?

“Mostly collectors. I have two workshops, so I sell paintings to painters in them.”

What are your greatest challenges as an artist?

“Money and time, always. Right now, going to another level in gallery representation, which is actually a huge challenge.”

What are your greatest rewards as an artist?

 “When someone really responds to a painting and it makes them think about the issues I’m painting about.”

What recommendations would you give to an artist who is just starting out?

 “Figure out a way to support yourself with the most amount of money and the least amount of hours.”



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