Master Copy (how to)


Patroclus by Jacques-Louis David

First I put down a green toned gray ground in acrylic paint (for drying purposes). Given the overall color scheme of the painting, I figured this shade of gray would be the best. I then blocked in the figure with a sold coat of flesh colored oil paint.












I then decided to block in some shadows and a few mid tones.











Next I made the figure solid while adding even more mid tones and now, some highlights.


I then added deeper shadows in conjunction with yet again, more mid tones and highlights.


Next I added accent shadows to give the figure even more depth.


Now I have blocked in the red cloth that is under the figure, as well as the step that he is resting on. I have also decided to give the step most of it’s detail.


Next I simply blocked in the floor to start giving the figure a place to exist as well as making it easier to position things and start on more of the lower shadows.


I have now added shadows to the floor and step, along with the shadows and folds within the material as well. I also softened a few of the very harsh unnatural shadows on the figure, giving them a more life like existence all while building form.


Now I have added pinks and reds to the flesh as well as more mid tones, shadows and even more highlights. I also gave the figure more details in places like the hands, feet, face and hair. The appearance of bones under the skin is also more apparent.


Lastly, I have added highlights and shadows to the floor, as well as painting the background in. The background consists of again, more shadows and highlights with some minor details.


Voila! A finished master copy.


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